The Squarebots were some of Miles’ first creations. They have their flaws, but they always resolutely attempt to do exactly what they were intended to do - take over the world.

     Cute, squat, and stubby, the Squarebots don’t appear to have any significant powers - after all, they don’t even have arms. As such, they aren’t exactly dangerous, but in large numbers they can quickly become overwhelming. They cannot move very fast, but they’re tricky little blighters whom one can lose track of fairly quickly. Though at one point Miles had many hundreds of them in his basement, due to the actions of Pudding and her friends most of them were set loose to roam Mobian with reckless abandon - we’ve yet to see what consequences will come of this.

     The Squarebots seem to respect and obey Miles alone, referring to him as “master” and refusing to obey orders from anyone but him. Interestingly, they can be activated by anyone using the simple vocal command “Squarebots, activate!”

     Among other features, they appear have auditory recognition and language processing software, making them capable of speech.

     Maybe we’ll be seeing more of them in the future…



General Information

Created by Skyler B. T.