From the mind of Skyler B. T.

Written by the delightful Erin B.

The Legend of Mobius

     Long ago, longer perhaps than anyone now can remember, t here lived a species called Angels high up in the clouds. They were seraphic creatures, fair of face and body, with great feathered wings and white fur silkier than any material that could be made by human hands. On their backs they bore great fins like those of dolphins, silver and sharp. They were a peaceful people, preferring to keep to themselves and their books in their never-ending pursuit of higher knowledge. They studied magic, the history of their world, natural sciences - no knowledge was beyond their reach. They valued order and solitude, and rarely strayed down to the land below where Humans dwelt, for they feared them.

     Up in the clouds they mined a beautiful ore, a silver-like substance that sparkled brighter than any star and could be wrought like any ore into fantastically strong metal or beautiful and priceless gems. These they called “Skygems”, and they guar ded them jealously. With them their kingdom grew both beautiful and strong.

     They would have stayed in the skies, far from the inf luence of the other species of Hetrea, but Angel offspring were born without their great wings a nd so had to be tenderly raised on the ground below the Angel Kingdom. As they grew, feeble wings spr outed from their backs. These were not powerful enough to achieve flight until the Angel’ s moment of maturity, upon which they would take to the skies to join their ancestors. At the foot of what is now Time Mountain, in an area secluded from Human tribes by great sprawling fores ts, the Angels reared their young and eventually guided them back up to the clouds where they belonged. For many years, they lived in peace and prosperity - until an Angel named Mobius was born into their world.

     Mobius never grew his wings. He alone remained stranded on Hetrea as he watched his friends soar up to the sun to a land from which he was for ever barred. Jaded and bitter, Mobius roamed the lands of Hetrea restlessly, battling the fea rsome creatures he encountered and growing ever stronger in the harsh habitats of the plan et. His claws grew to long and terrible points, his fur ragged and thick, and his strength increased expon entially. He became the strongest Angel to ever live, and while his kin watched in awe, he claimed the lands south of Time Mountain as his own. Gradually, Angel children began to revere and respect him, believing him to be a true leader - their rightful King. As time went on, many chose to remain on the ground with him, becoming feral beasts of great strength and pride. Together, they created the Kingdom of Mobius, and thus they prospered.


FIG 1: An Angel

FIG 2: Mobius

     However, as with any growing kingdom, the Mobius realm soon drew the attention of neighbouring monarchies - human kingdoms. The interactions between the Humans and Mobians were few and far between, but they frightened the people of both sides. Each feared the other species, believing them to be wild beasts of terrible strength and ferocity. The Angels in the clouds, witnessing Mobius’s success and prosperity, noticed these interactions and began to fear that the humans would attempt to conquer the Mobians. The Counsel of Angels knew (or rather, believed) that if the Kingdom of Mobius were to fall, surely the humans in their greed would attempt to ascend to the clouds and further conquer the Angels from whence Mobius came. They feared that their precious Skygems would be taken from them, and in their panic they decided that contact with the Mobians must forever cease.

     All the Angels with wings were invited to return to the skies - if they refused, their wings would be clipped and they would be land-bound forever. As a final effort to end the Mobians, a powerful mage on the Counsel of Angels laid a terrible curse on Mobius and his house. He and his offspring were henceforth doomed to a mortal life, cursed to die upon reaching old age. They would then never find peace after death, and instead would roam Hetrea as wandering ghosts, bound to the afterlife to consider their sins.

     Mobius’ body began to age separately from his mind, and he knew that eventually he would waste away and decompose all together. Rebellious an d angry, and knowing that his blood was cursed, he still refused to let his people die. He was King first and foremost, and he wished his Kingdom to continue even after his death and his people to prosper. From this wish to continue Mobius bore many children with the Angels who chose to stay with him, and he passed his wingless genetics onto child after child.

     From him sprouted a new species of Wingless Land Angels, though Mobius had no interest in being a father to any. He instead provided housing for each and every child, leaving them otherwise to fend for and raise themselves within t he safety of the Kingdom.

     In time, the great King eventually succumbed to his age an d passed away. However, due to his curse he returned in spirit to roam his Kingdom, watching his children flourish and create their own new realm in which to live peacefully on Hetrea. Beneath this realm, Mobius began the laborious task of digging a great grave with which to house his descendants as they passed, determined to care for his people even after their lives were spent - or so legend tells us.

     The population blossomed, and eventually contact with Humans was unavoidable. Disgusted, the Angels cut off all contact with the Mobians and fled higher into the clouds, building great cities of their own and carefully guarding their Skygems. They and their banished descendant, Mobius, passed quickly into legend and were for gotten. To this day, the children of Mobius, knowing only their title of “Mobians”, do not rem ember their great past - and they carry on their traditions only to preserve what they know o f their culture. Mobius City sprouted during an era of great change and uniting peoples, and within it Humans and Mobians coexisted peacefully. The Kingdom was no more, the monarchy ended, and the Mobians generally regarded their ancient history as fiction. It was a legend of origin to be told but not believed - the Legend of Mobius!

Mobian Culture and Appearance

     The inhabitants of Hetrea are, in general, strictly immortal beings - at least, immortal compared to human standards! Though they can die by the blade or in any sort of combat, they do not conventionally age over time and live until they are killed. Due to the curse placed on Mobius, Mobians no longer share this trait with the rest of the inhabitants of Hetrea (such as the Angels), and although they return as ghosts after death, they are the only species to do so.

     The passage of time is irrelevant to Hetreans’ aging processes, which occur instead from experience: as they learn more about their world and surroundings, their appearance changes to reflect the gain of knowledge. This is why the very wise appear to be old and worn down - but the appearance is purely aesthetic, and they can be as limber as a child inside.

     As mentioned in the Legend of Mobius, Mobians tend not to raise their young children - instead, they provide what housing or shelter they can, and then leave the pup to fend for itself. A Mobian’s wealth is determined by the status of the housing that is bequeathed to them - for example, Frisky is monumentally wealthy due to the castle that her parents were able to afford for her, whilst Fade is seen as frankly destitute (not that it bothers him!) because his parents could leave him only a meager shack. Siblings are often house d together and may remain together to look after one another, as is the case with Miles and Pudding. Furthermore, the children are not named by their parents - they choose their own names, and as such they are subject to change at the child’s whim.

     Mobians as a species tend to look very similar to one another, but there are some physical differences that you may have noticed from reading the comic. Firstly, their fur - they may all have different lengths of fur in different places and in a wide array of colours. While all Mobians have a muzzle where their noses and mouths are located, the shape and type of fur may vary. Some inherit short-hair muzzles, like Speedy, whilst others may have more fur that resembles whiskers, like Pudding and Frisky.

     This goes for the length of the fur on their heads as well, which may be grown in single or double layers. Some are born with one layer only - like Fade - while others inherit the ability to grow a second layer, often of a slightly different colour (Pudding, Frisky, and Chia all have this ability). This mutation seems to be genetically linked to females, as it occurs most frequently in girls (though as we know, there are exceptions - such as Audrey).

     The location of a Mobian’s ears is relatively static across the species, but the ears may change appearance based on how they interact with the layers of hair. Hurricane and Audrey, for example, seem not to have ears - this is because the single-layer of fur that they have grown out is simply covering them! Chia’s ears seem to fall slightly to the side, because her second layer of fur is pushing them down. Frisky’s ears, in contrast, stand up straight and aren’t moved by her hair.

     Mobians may have up to two tails, and the pattern of fur on those varies fairly drastically as well. Tails may be long, short, crooked, fluffy, rounded, or any infinite number of combinations. However, the tails are always identical on the same individual. Their noses may be pressed flat against their muzzles, or stick out slightly.

     Finally, some Mobians retain vestiges of their wing-bones from their ancestors, which appear to be sharply protruding shoulder blades. Examples can be found scattered across the comic pages.

FIG 3: Some exaples of Mobian Faces / Fur

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