Zeda’s a free spirit, an unusual sort who is lucky enough to be living his dream—roaming Mobius and the neighbouring lands and searching for fabulous treasures! Treasure hunting is his passion; he loves all aspects of it. The beauty of the world, the satisfaction of finding something new, and the love for exploration keep his legs moving even after a long day’s search!

     Though he’s fairly rich, he’s nowhere near as rich as Frisky—but still wealthy enough to make his living without the profits from his treasure. Some of the things he’s unearthed whilst roaming the world are truly fantastic—like the occasional crystal, jewel, or even Skygem! Occasionally, he’ll sell or donate his findings (or give them away as presents!), but some of them are squirreled away just for him to keep for his own. It’s like having a piece of the world to keep, he thinks, and each treasure has an important place in his heart.

     Zeda’s strongest quality is his confidence—he’s very self-assured, but also aware of his limitations and is always pushing himself to go that extra mile. He gets along with almost everyone easily, but tends to hold grudges when he feels he’s been mistreated. However, he thrives on attention and likes being surrounded by people who make him happy! Don’t we all?

     Zeda also doesn’t do too badly with the ladies—he thinks its the fur. It just drives them wild.


    Zeda, being slightly older than the other children of the cast (and I do mean slightly), looks a bit different than the Mobians we’ve become accustomed to seeing. He’s a lovely shade of lilac, and due to his immense store of life experience, he’s already begun growing a long mane of slightly darker purple hair. His tail is long and slim, with a tuft of dark feathery fur on the tip.

     Most often, Zeda can be seen in his khaki pants and yellow boots (with his yellow gloves to match—it’s important to keep those fingers warm while you’re travelling). He always carries his trusty backpack with him, in case an adventure should spring itself unceremoniously on him! It has a ton of pockets and is covered with buttons, patches, and souvenirs from his trips. It’s also packed with all sorts of tools and accoutrements of the trade, and even the occasional jewel or treasure that he picked up on the way.

     Fun fact: Zeda’s backpack weighs almost as much as he does! He’s quite strong.


General Information

Gender Male
Age Child
Species Mobian
ID Number 016
Economic Class Wealthy
Created by Tom H.



Zeda probably met Frisky long ago, when they were both very small—his sense of adventure likely dragging him irresistibly toward her castle. Though he doesn’t live in the Mobius suburbs, he always makes sure to find time to visit her, catch her up on his travels, and occasionally bring a present to butter her up. Until recently, she was the only friend he had in the suburbs where the main cast resides!


Zeda just recently met Goo, and her instant attraction to him was painfully obvious to him and everyone around them. Her clingy tendency, apparent desire to be close to him, and habit of rubbing herself on his face and purring may be a little strange, but for all we know, he finds it kind of cute—not that he’d admit it. Of course, it could also be that he thinks she comes on a bit too strong, and he’s craving the affection of someone else...