Speedy, as his name implies, is a quick little Mobian - both physically and mentally. He loves adventure and is always eager to join his friends in whatever scheme they’ve cooked up for the day. He’s usually cheerful, but makes rash decisions based on his temper, which fluctuates pretty dramatically. He’s a natural leader with a hotheaded enthusiasm for everything he does, and is ready to jump face-first into any new problem in an effort to solve it. However, he can get violent when he lets this hotheadedness get the best of him, and it takes him a while to chill back down when this happens. Devious and cunning, Speedy subscribes to the ideology that “the ends justify the means”.

     At times Speedy can be prone to periods of depression, during which he becomes reclusive and extremely anti-social. He means well, but sometimes people find him hard to deal with. It takes a lot of time and coaxing to bring him back when he locks himself away in his head.

     Speedy is usually the mastermind behind his and his friends’ hare-brained schemes, and the company often find themselves simply caught up in the rush.


     Speedy is fairly tall and lithe for his age. He is pure white save for a cream coloured section around his mouth, and has a very short squiggly tail. He wears red shoes.


General Information

Gender Male
Age Child
Species Mobian
ID Number 004
Economic Class Middle
Created by Skyler B. T.



Speedy has a huge crush on Pudding, but he is her friend first and foremost. He cares very much for her wellbeing, but his protectiveness can sometimes overstep its boundaries. He frequently volunteers to fight Miles’ robots in a valiant effort to free Pudding from being grounded.


Fade is Speedy’s best friend, and he tolerates Fade’s brainless optimism like no one else can. He knows Fade isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the box, but he likes him for his cheerful nature and contagious happiness. However, sometimes his eternal good mood gets on Speedy’s nerves - not that Fade notices.


Speedy likes Miles - or at least makes an effort to - but he’s also kind of scared of him. He is an obstacle that must be conquered almost daily on Speedy’s quest for Pudding, and he knows Miles would stop at nothing to get rid of him permanently. Sometimes the menacing designs of Miles’ robots freak Speedy out.


Hurricane is level-headed and logical, which is a nice change from Fade for Speedy. When he can get him to go along with his ridiculous plans, Hurricane usually plays the role of the muscle due to his prodigious strength. He and Speedy get along very easily and rarely fight.


Speedy doesn’t like Clone very much, He’s the obstacle that is currently preventing him from being the only person to make Pudding happy: something he wants very much. Clone doesn’t like to fight, but that doesn’t bother Speedy at all - he’ll jump into the fray with him at the first excuse, whether he fights back or not. They’ve got into several scuffles for Pudding’s sake, which scares her to death. Recently, they’ve found that they can get along well when Pudding is not around.




Story Thus Far



Speedy answers his door in this chapter only to be met by Gell, who asks him briefly to come and meet her friend (Pudding). He goes and stands under her window, and Speedy invites her outside to play.

She explains that she can’t, because she is grounded, but tells him to go inside and talk to her brother, perhaps to convince him to lift the punishment. Speedy attempts this, but Miles tells him that he won’t allow Pudding out unless Speedy can help him test his new invention in battle. Speedy lightly punches Miles, hoping that it will suffice, but Miles eagerly tells him that he wants to fight more. He then slugs Speedy fully in the face, leaving Speedy surprised and wounded.

True to his name, Speedy then zips away across the house to hide. Miles chases him, but once around a corner and through a doorway, Speedy topples a lamp on his head, knocking him out. He tells the unconscious Miles how nice it was to meet him and runs away. He then tramps up to Pudding’s room, where he explains that he just hit Miles over the head with a lamp, which Pudding appreciates.

Speedy invites her to his house to play video games, and they leave—walking past a very confused Miles as they go. At his house, Speedy suggests that Pudding grow her hair out, and then loses repeatedly to her.


  • This chapter begins the tradition of Speedy frequently being punched/hit in the face/head.
  • Speedy has bizarrely realistic hands in panel 4 of page 5.
  • This chapter boasts Speedy’s first-ever fight.



Speedy shows up at Pudding’s house to hang out, and greets her before seeing Hatchet fighting Miles’ robot. He is scolded by Hatchet, who demands that he leave Pudding alone as he has already laid claim to her. Pudding asks him to ignore Hatchet.

 Speedy warns Hatchet that his fall from the tree he climbs would result in imminent death, but Hatchet does it anyway. He watches Hatchet die and then curiously asks Pudding if that is how death really works.

Speedy is then sacrificed to the robot, but with much different results—Speedy explodes the robot by removing its eye. Miles tells Speedy that he does not like him; Speedy says he knows.

Speedy then meets Fade, whom he likes because he looks somewhat like himself. They decide to go play in the forest behind Pudding’s house, and Speedy takes the opportunity to ask Pudding why Hatchet is so obsessed with her. She answers that he wanted to date her, and Speedy calls him weird, oblivious to the fact that he has hurt Pudding’s feelings.

They explore the woods together, and Pudding feels as though someone is watching or following them; Speedy suggests they panic.

Speedy, Gell, and Pudding hide behind a bush, and Speedy hastily attempts to come up with a plan before noticing that Fade is missing.

Hurricane then walks out from behind the bush and scares them senseless, after which Fade clubs him over the head with a giant branch.

 When Hurricane wakes up, the gang is back in Pudding’s house, and they explain to Hurricane what they did. Hurricane remarks that he has a headache, to which Speedy replies that it probably resulted from them kicking him to try to wake him up.



Speedy catches Miles as he’s leaving the house to head for the city, and asks if Pudding is allowed to play. Miles says no, irritated, and commands Speedy to stay away from his house.

  Naturally, Speedy immediately goes to Miles’ house, as he believes that Pudding is in trouble and needs rescuing. He breaks a window to get in, attracting the attention and fear of Audrey and Pudding.
    He thinks initially that he’s broken into the wrong house, but Audrey assures him he has not and leads him to Pudding, who is still frightened. Speedy explains that it was just him who had broken into her house, and she calms down. Audrey then begins the séance.

After Danny is summoned, Speedy remarks that dating is weird, leading to a patronising and annoyed look from Pudding.



This chapter begins with Speedy, taking us through his morning routine; waking up, eating breakfast, showering, and blow-drying his hair.

He then walks to Pudding’s house and enters uninvited, calling for someone or something as he does so. The subsequent pages have dialogue bubbles, but no actual dialogue; Speedy hasn’t been paying enough attention to what people have been saying to him and therefore cannot recall what he has said/what has been said to him that day.

Miles appears to chastise him when he speaks to the older boy, but feels guilty at the hurt expression on Speedy’s face and directs him upstairs. Speedy wanders up to find Pudding in her room with a boy he has never seen before.

Pudding introduces him as Clone, her new boyfriend, but that is all Speedy is able to take in—he stops listening right after the word “boyfriend”, feeling hurt and jealous. Pudding asks if he is all right, and we are given a brief insight into Speedy’s inner reactions—his rage, his misery, and his despair.

Consequently, as he comes out of his reverie, Speedy punches Clone directly in the face, and then admits that he has not been listening to anything anyone has said.

It is implied on the next page that Pudding and Speedy attempt to speak, but neither does, and Speedy ends up leaving in frustration.


  •     Speedy eats his cereal without a bowl. Bowls make it harder to get at the food.
  •     Speedy wraps a towel around his waist after getting out of the shower, despite the fact that he never wears clothes anyway.



Speedy has spent the entire week in his house, swathed in a deep depression. He is convinced to leave his house by Hurricane, Fade, and Gell, who insist that he comes to the party with them (despite the fact that he really does not want to go). At last he agrees to go and is then immediately starstruck by the fireworks display outside of Frisky’s home, and the fact that she lives in an enormous castle.

As Pudding introduces her boyfriend Clone to the group, Speedy apologises for punching him in the face. He is seen looking bemused as Frisky introduces Fade—who everyone already knew—to her friends as her boyfriend.

He goes outside to sit alone on the balcony as the party goes on, and is found by Pudding. He sadly admits that he has feelings for her, but as they are not reciprocated, he remains depressed. When Clone interrupts, he initially shouts as though he’s going to start a fight, but then storms back inside on his own to get away from the couple.

He is seen on the very last panel looking moody and morose, as Fade excitedly asks if he is having as much fun as everyone else.