Sparx is a lively little Mobian chap who loves baseball and hitting on girls - and that’s about all we’ve seen of him. His only appearance shows him losing a baseball in a bush and promptly hitting on Pudding once he finds her hiding in it. When she rejects his advances, he almost immediately begins hitting on Frisky. This suggests that Sparx is somewhat of a confident, self-assured flirt, and has no problem making the first move on any girl he finds cute.

     We can also assume that he likes baseball - wait, did I say that already?

     Maybe we’ll be seeing more of him in the future…


     Sparx is fairly small for his age, with dark yellow fur and white patches on his face and tail. He is usually seen wearing a red baseball cap, jeans, and a red long sleeve shirt with a baseball on the front. Additionally, something tells me that Sparx enjoys playing baseball.


General Information

Gender Male
Age Child
Species Mobian
ID Number 014
Economic Class Middle
Created by Skyler B. T.