Pudding is a sweetheart. She is loyal and loving to a fault, and her cheerful, optimistic attitude is positively infectious. She is always ready to lend an ear or a kind word to any of her friends, and tries to distract them from their hardships. Her bubbly demeanor can cure even the worst of bad moods, and has earned her the admiration of many boys.

    However, Pudding has an attention craving tendency that can lead her to take advantage of people’s emotions - whether consciously or subconsciously is up for debate. She is not above leading boys on to ensure their continued affection for her. She can also be a bit childish, and is likely to tantrum if she does not get what she wants.


       Pudding is a young female Mobian with brown hair, tan fur, and white patches on her tail and face. She is of relatively average height and weight, though smaller than many of her friends. Most often, she is seen wearing dresses and pants of varying shades of blue or white. Her tail has two tufts. She bears a small facial resemblance to her brother, Miles.

        Early on in the series, she wore a pink bow on the left side of her head. As she aged, she grew her hair out longer at Speedy’s suggestion - though recently, she’s cut it short again.


General Information

Gender Female
Age Child
Species Mobian
ID Number 001
Economic Class Upper Middle
Created by A



Miles is Pudding’s older brother, and she cares for him very deeply. While she disapproves of his overly protective nature, she appreciates him and knows that he only wants what’s best for her. She understands his social anxiety and accepts his somewhat bizarre hobbies and sadistic nature. She loves him, but sometimes feels compelled to remind him that she is not a child and does not need to be treated as one (to which he disagrees most vehemently). She also tends to disregard his authority over her, as he’d rather spend his time tinkering with his machines than looking after her. This can sometimes lead to arguments between the two - usually ending in a punishment for her.


Speedy is one of the first (and best) friends Pudding made, and they’ve spent a lot of time together. She is fully aware of Speedy’s feelings for her, but she refuses to let them get in the way of their friendship. His attraction to her feeds her ego, though she’d never admit it.


Gell is one of Pudding’s friends. Before Gell’s transformation into a humanoid, Pudding never treated her as though she were any different than anyone else, for which Gell was extremely grateful. Now that Gell can speak for herself, their friendship is only blossoming further.


Frisky is definitely Pudding’s best friend. While Pudding doesn’t quite share Frisky’s enthusiasm for gossip, clothes, and boys, she feels that she can share any secret with Frisky and come to her with all of her problems. Frisky’s loose lips and over-zealous socialising sometimes rub Pudding the wrong way, but they always work things out in true best-friend fashion. They have a ton of sleepovers together.


Clone is Pudding’s sweetheart, and she loves him to death. His devotion to her and tender affection are exactly what she wants in a boyfriend. She attempts to ‘magic marry’ Clone in “Adventure” with the help of Audrey in order to prove their love for one another, but it doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Pudding thinks Clone’s willingness to fight for her at the drop of a hat is completely romantic.



Super Duper Hero X


    She’s Super Duper Hero X, and she’s Pudding’s alter-ego—in her imagination, of course. She’s the super strong, super fast, super cool super hero that Pudding has dreamt up to play as in her spare time! She can be seen as Pudding’s idealised version of herself, and because of that, she’s slightly different than the Pudding in reality that we all know and love.

     For starters, SDHX has longer, blonder hair than Pudding does, and might even be a smidge taller. She has a bright, cheerfully coloured costume consisting of a blue blouse with a yellow cross and a large blue bow at the top, a petal-cut yellow skirt, and flashy red cape with a large “X”on the back. Additionally, she wears pale blue gloves and boots to round off the outfit—and protect her hands and feet, of course. She tops off her costume with a black mask over her eyes designed to protect her secret identity—and to look really cool while she fights crime. Who said fighting for justice can’t be a stylish occupation?

     While playing as Super Duper Hero X, Pudding doesn’t quite have all of those awesome costume accoutrements—she supplements her normal clothes with grey gloves, brown boots, and a dark grey mask she made herself. Everything else is supplied by her imagination!

     SDHX has the power to fly and drop from great distances—certainly farther than any normal Mobian could survive—without injuring herself. She is driven by a passionate love for justice, and possibly some other motives that we have yet to learn. She surely has many other super-duper powers, but we’ll have to wait and see what those are...

     This superhero game of Pudding’s gives us an excellent insight into how Pudding views the world, herself, and her brother!

Inspired By Manon G.



Story Thus Far


Our heroine is introduced with Gell, and she has at last caught a glimpse of the mysterious person living in the house beside her own, of whom she has always been curious. Excited, she points this out to Gell, and she eagerly jumps up to look out the window (before immediately crashing back to the floor). Thrilled to have a new neighbour, the young girl discusses the possibility of her new friend and is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of her brother.

Disliking the noise, Miles arrives and chastises his sister, who we now learn is named Amanda. Amanda, however, does not approve of being called that, and promptly requests that Miles calls her Pudding. Although Miles initially protests, saying “That’s not a name”, he eventually becomes indifferent to the change and always having his sister’s best interest at heart, Miles agrees. Pudding cheers, ecstatic, before Miles promptly grounds her for yelling.

Pudding then sends Gell home by throwing her out the window. She reminds her that they will have to go meet the new neighbour the next day. Pudding is also suddenly struck with an idea; while she is trapped in the house, Gell can go next door and ask the new neighbour to come to her window so she can meet them, which Gell does.

Gell throws herself into the door to knock, after which a mysterious white Mobian in red shoes answers. The newcomer has a brief discussion with Gell, in which a single “Sticky!” is able to convey that a new friend wants the boy to come meet her at her house. The neighbour boy agrees immediately, unperturbed by the strangeness of it all, and stands beneath Pudding’s window to greet her--his name is Speedy.

Speedy shows up in Pudding’s room and Pudding greets him, after which Speedy tells her that he hit her brother with a lamp. Pudding seems perfectly delighted by this, and Speedy invites her to his house to play video games. Pudding bids farewell to her brother and follows Speedy, and they settle at his house to play video games with Gell.

Pudding points out that Speedy’s hair is longer than hers, to which Speedy suggests that she grow her hair out.
 Pudding then wins the game they're playing repeatedly.


  • The game that Pudding and Speedy are playing at the end of the chapter is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
  • The bean bag chair on the last page is the same bean bag that will later appear in Pudding and Speedy's treehouse.



In her bedroom window, Pudding watches as Hatchet battles one of Miles’ robots for her freedom. Speedy shows up to watch as well, and Miles studies the battle carefully, making notes on a clipboard.

   As Pudding greets Speedy, Hatchet intervenes gruffly by commanding Speedy to keep away from her, saying that she’s already his. Embarrassed, Pudding asks Speedy to ignore him. She describes Hatchet as “a creep who’s obsessed with [her]”.

   Pudding then watches disinterestedly as Hatchet promptly kills himself (accidentally), and shrugs when Speedy asks if this is how death works.
    As Hatchet flies away, Pudding asks if she can go outside yet, which Miles allows. He then tells Speedy to defeat the robot, hoping that Speedy will also get killed. Speedy, however, does this quickly by pulling out the eye of the bot, which breaks it immediately—it then explodes.

Pudding, now outside with everyone else, greets a newcomer who has Gell riding on his head. They introduce themselves, and Pudding then introduces Fade to Speedy, who likes that Fade looks a little like him.

Speedy suggests that the four of them play in the forest behind Pudding’s house, which Pudding excitedly agrees to and hopefully wonders if they will get lost.

In the woods, Speedy asks Pudding why Hatchet is so obsessed with her, to which she replies that he wanted to date her. Insensitively, Speedy calls him a weirdo, apparently hurting Pudding’s feelings.  

  Pudding soon gets the feeling that they’re being followed, and Speedy suggests calmly that they panic. Speedy, Pudding, and Gell hide behind a bush, frightened, and are snuck up on by Hurricane, who unintentionally scares them sideways. Fade then leaps out and smacks Hurricane over the head, knocking him out.

They take him to Pudding’s house, and Pudding and friends try to explain to Hurricane what happened.



Pudding and Frisky sit in Pudding’s room, discussing a new boy that Frisky met at school. Pudding is wary of talking about boys, and tells Frisky that she does not need her to find her a boyfriend. Frisky disagrees, saying that Pudding doesn’t meet any boys without her help, to which Pudding reveals that she has recently made several new male friends.

Interested, Frisky demands that Pudding tell her everything.
    Pudding, however, goes to ask permission to hold a sleepover, but Miles tells her that he is leaving and she can’t do it. Pudding claims that he is “derailing the plot of her life,” but he stubbornly refuses to allow her to have the party. Frisky, Gell, and Goo leave (with Frisky carrying the last two), and Miles tells Pudding that he has arranged for a friend of his to watch her.

Pudding is not thrilled with Audrey initially, because she feels patronised by her. However, Audrey quickly finds a way to make her warm up to her, and decides to show her a “magic trick”—except she doesn’t know any. Instead, she offers to perform a séance, which Pudding agrees to as she doesn’t know what it is.

Pudding gets Audrey some candles as Audrey draws a chalk pentagram on the floor. She tells Pudding that they have to sit in a circle, join hands, and hope to summon a ghost. They both then hear a crashing sound from somewhere in the house, and Audrey goes to investigate.

Audrey returns with Speedy, and Pudding clings to him, shouting that someone broke into her house. Speedy explains that it was him, and Pudding is immediately calmed.

Audrey then begins the séance, and summons Danny.

When Audrey and Danny decide to go on a date, Speedy remarks to Pudding that dating is weird, Pudding appears to be a little fed up with his obliviousness.



Pudding’s first appearance in this chapter is her introduction of Clone to Speedy, as she explains that he is her new boyfriend. She tries to tell him that Frisky introduced them, and he had fought Miles’ robots for the right to see her just like Speedy himself used to, but it is clear that Speedy is not listening to a word she’s saying. As she begins to talk about Frisky hosting a party that weekend, Speedy punches Clone in the face, frightening and angering Pudding.

She shouts at him, but realises he is not listening and grabs his shoulder to get his attention.

The two briefly stare one another down, each unable to speak, after which Speedy gives up and leaves. Clone then pops up from the floor and tells Pudding that he does not like Speedy.



Once again, Frisky sits in Pudding’s room with her, as Pudding gets ready for the party that was mentioned in the previous chapter. Frisky checks Pudding’s outfit, which Pudding notes that Clone helped her pick out, and it is deemed perfect for the event.

Frisky also mentions that she has a boyfriend she intends to reveal at the party, but refuses to say anything about him, as she wants it to be a complete surprise for everyone. Pudding then comments that Frisky should probably be at home setting up everything, but Frisky doesn’t want to leave because they’re having so much fun.

Time skips ahead to later that night, where Pudding hears a knock at the door and excitedly claims that it must be Clone coming to pick her up. Miles answers and tells him to go away, but Pudding runs forward to greet him. Clone tells her she looks pretty, and Pudding blushes and calls him adorable.

At the party, Pudding notices all of her friends arrive and ushers Clone forward to introduce them all. Everyone greets him jovially, and Speedy even apologises for punching him in the face. Frisky then introduces her own boyfriend, which turns out to be Fade, and Pudding tells her that everyone already knew him with a disappointed expression on her face.

The party moves on with everyone having a good time and playing games or eating food—except Speedy. He sits alone on the balcony, looking miserable, and Pudding finds him and tries to convince him to come inside. Unable to explain how he is feeling, Speedy instead comes right out and tells Pudding that he likes her. Although shocked by the news, Pudding accepts it gracefully and tells him that she is flattered.

Before she can comfort him further, Clone interrupts, which angers Speedy immensely. He tries to tell him off, but instead stomps inside, leaving Clone and Pudding alone.

  Pudding explains to Clone what just happened with Speedy, which makes him extremely anxious and insecure. Pudding calms him and tells him that there is no competition, and Clone asks for a kiss. Pudding obliges, and the chapter ends.



This chapter begins with Pudding being awoken by Audrey, who tells her excitedly that she and Danny are headed to Time Mountain to perform an ancient ritual. She invites Pudding along, but Pudding, who is still groggy with sleep, only comments that it is still dark outside; it isn’t even dawn.

As Pudding gets up to get dressed, she asks if Miles knows about this little venture. Audrey assures her that he does not, because she and Danny broke through the roof to avoid waking him. Danny makes his appearance as Pudding pulls her shirt on and tells them that she is ready to go.

Pudding asks what sort of ritual it is, and Audrey likens it to that of a magical wedding. Excited, Pudding asks if Audrey can perform the ritual on herself and her boyfriend, Clone, and Audrey agrees. When Danny ask what Miles will think of it, Audrey responds with, “Who cares?”

  Speedy comes out at that moment to ask what is going on, and Pudding reveals that she intends to get magic married to Clone before walking off with Audrey to go pick him up.

They burst into Clone’s room, where Pudding asks Clone if he’d like to magically marry her. He agrees immediately, although he feels that they might be a little young to be married. Audrey explains that it’s not a real wedding, and still confused, Clone asks who she is. Pudding introduces them as Audrey and Danny, friends of Miles, who still does not know about any of this.

Danny tries to hurry everyone along, as if the ritual is not performed by sunset it cannot be done at all. Clone asks if he should wear a suit, and though Audrey says casual is fine, Pudding gets upset because she finds Clone in formal wear to be so cute.

As they walk toward the mountain, Pudding gets hungry and asks if they can stop for food. After finding out that not one of them has a cent to their names, she suggests they stop by Frisky’s house to see if she has any food. She leads them into Frisky’s castle, which Audrey is awestruck by, and they begin to search for her. When they find her having tea with Goo, they accidentally scare the two senseless.

Frisky chastises Pudding for sneaking into her house, which Pudding rebuffs, saying that she loves it when her friends break into her house. Clone is confused by this, and Pudding realises that it’s only ever Speedy who does this. When Frisky asks what everyone is doing there, Pudding explains that she and Clone are getting magic-married, prompting Frisky to seize her by the shoulders and expel her enthusiasm for weddings.

Danny reveals that Speedy and friends are outside Frisky’s castle, and Clone gets anxious, sure that Speedy will ruin everything. Pudding then reveals to Frisky and everyone else present that Speedy likes her. Unbeknownst to Speedy, Frisky sneaks Pudding and everyone else out of the castle, and they continue their journey through the City.

However, at the City’s edge they are caught up to by Miles in his flying robot, who fires a laser beam at a terrified Clone. Pudding shouts at him, asking what’s going on, but Miles simply replies that he found that she was gone and he decided to find her (and kill Clone while he was at it). Pudding then groans and implies that he should lighten up and leave her alone.

Miles allows Pudding to go on the trip only after telling Audrey that she had better keep his sister safe.

  She and the group are next seen walking through the forest at the base of Time Mountain. She is extremely excited and hugs Clone tightly, which encourages him and leads him to urge everyone onward.

Their trip up the mountain is slow, and it is quite dark before they reach the temple at which the ceremony must take place. They climb up the side, Pudding with some difficulty, and are about to perform the ceremony when they are stopped by Speedy.

Speedy immediately begins to brawl with Clone, prompting Pudding to watch tearfully. She suddenly reveals that she is here of her own will, causing Hurricane to angrily confront Speedy (since he made them go all this way, evidently for nothing).

Amidst the ensuing arguments, Pudding discovers that Gell can now talk and is apparently delighted by it.

Audrey tries to warn everyone as they discuss Speedy’s problem with Pudding’s wedding that they are out of time, and an unintended consequence is due to happen, but she is ignored. Pudding asks her about a supposed “demon”, only to suddenly realise that the behemoth itself has spawned from the abyss directly behind her.

Frightened, Pudding tries to get back to her friends but is quickly grabbed by the demon. The monster casts a spell that snaps the base of the temple on which they are all standing, and they plummet toward the earth—that is, everyone except Pudding and Speedy.

Pudding commands the demon to let her go, and surprisingly, it does. Speedy asks if she is all right, which she supposes she is, and then the two watch in surprise as the demon transforms into a glowing green version of Pudding herself. Pudding jokes that Speedy can now date her green doppelgänger and leave her and Clone alone; Speedy appears unamused. She tells him to tell the demon that it’s pretty.

At that moment, Miles appears in his flying robot with the entire gang stuffed inside. He crushes the demon carelessly beneath it, leaps down, and tells Pudding that under no circumstances can she get married. Ignoring this, Pudding hugs him and thanks him for saving her friends.

Audrey explains to everyone that the demon’s plan was to kill Pudding and replace her, but Pudding remarks that the plan would never have worked; none of them (except perhaps Fade) would believe for an instant that it was her, as she doesn’t naturally glow green. Audrey admits that she never said the demon was intelligent.

Miles threatens Clone and demands Pudding get in the Solarbot so they can go home; she asks Audrey to find him a girlfriend. He refuses to take any other passengers and Pudding waves to her friends as she and her brother fly off into the dawn.



Pudding, sick with a cold, sneezes violently and then hears someone calling for her outside her bedroom window. She opens it to find Speedy asking her to play, but she explains that she’s extremely sick and cannot leave the house.

Clone then shows up, intending to take Pudding on a date, but she repeats the same thing to him; Clone looks annoyed, Speedy delighted.

Clone asks if he can come inside to take care of her, but she rejects this notion, saying she just wants some sleep. She watches as Clone and Speedy's friendship begins to open up until she hears someone enter the room ehind her. She then shuts the window, and turns around to find that Miles has made her some more soup to drink (minus the nanobots that were apparently in the last bowl). He asks show she feels, and she warmly states, "It’s getting better."


  • When Pudding says "It's getting better," she is not only referring to her cold, but Speedy and Clone's relationship. Miles is of course oblivious to this.