Miles is Pudding’s older brother and guardian. He is extremely inelegant and good with his hands, and likes to build robots and other mechanical gadgets in his spare time. He’s brilliant engineer, and his creations are both powerful and impressively technologically advanced. He often cares for his machines as one might care for their children - he shows them more devotion than he does people. One of his favorite pastimes is to test his inventions on Pudding’s friends, whom he views more as test subjects than actual living beings…revealing his slightly sadistic side. He loves Pudding with all his heart but doesn’t always know how to show it, so sometimes his affection comes off as misguided attempts at discipline.

     Miles is socially awkward, though he is unaware of it, and he has difficulty making friends (or keeping them!). He struggles with basic interactions and often seems cold, aloof, and even cruel to people that do not understand that. He has issues expressing his emotions and is close to very few people. Often, he will insult or put down those whom he considers to be intellectually inferior, oblivious to the fact that this tends to offend people.


     Miles is an adolescent Mobian - as such, he is taller than most of the rest of the cast. His fur is mainly yellow, with the exception of his stomach, and face. He usually wears a pair of safety goggles and carries around the tools of his trade.


General Information

Gender Male
Age Adolescent
Species Mobian
ID Number 003
Economic Class Upper Middle
Created by Skyler B. T.



Pudding is Miles’ baby sister and (so far) his only shown family. He loves her very much and considers all of her friends to be threats to her safety (as well as just being annoying). He frequently grounds her or locks her up in her room in an effort to keep her away from them, but it seldom works. However, he only wants what’s best for her and is worried about whether or not he is raising her right. He has trouble finding a middle ground between being too strict and too lenient with her.


Miles hates Speedy as a person and has spent much time trying to make new, more dangerous robots to stop him from seeing Pudding. Despite Speedy’s best effort to be friendly, Miles wants nothing to do with him unless he’s being used as test subject to experiment with Miles’ latest creation.


If possible, Mile hates Clone even more than Speedy. He entirely disapproves of his dating Pudding, and in the back of his mind is always thinking of ways to keep him away from her. If that kid ever lays a hand on her, he’s gonna need to watch his back and sleep with one eye open.


Audrey is one of Miles’ few friends from his own age group. Since they have very different hobbies and are each very knowledgable in their respective fields, they enjoy intellectual discussion and debate. He finds Audrey’s fascination with the supernatural to be illogical and bizarre, but interesting to analyze. Audrey isn’t scared of him so they get along fairly well. Miles actually respects her, since she is smarter than him in certain areas.


Since Danny often tags along with Audrey, he and Miles have become friends as well. Miles finds Danny’s mere existence to be a scientific marvel, and wishes he could dissect him to further study his physical makeup - but of course, he’s a ghost.


Miles has just recently met Chia, and to his chagrin he’s already pretty infatuated with her. He’s presumably never had a crush like this before, and as such doesn’t really know how to deal with it. She’s completely adorable and that just entirely ticks him off. He resorts to acting slightly cold around her for two reasons - first, so as not to give the impression that he likes her, and second… because he doesn’t really know how to do anything else!


Professor Inventor

     Professor Inventor is the dastardly villain that Miles invented to play as when Pudding gets up to her superhero hijinks. It’s a deep and affectionate brotherly-love for Pudding that makes Miles don his costume and act out her fantastical scenarios with her. Using whatever he has to hand (a watering can, for example,) Miles uses Professor Inventor to attempt to thwart Super Duper Hero X in her never-ending quest for justice.

     Professor Inventor (though named by Pudding) was designed almost entirely by Miles. He has dark brown fur which drapes around his neck and down his back like a cape, and wears a black lab coat with red trimming and buttons. Additionally, he has red gloves, red rocket boots (with a green energy-level display!), and piercing green goggles, which are connected to the side of his head. What looks at first glance to be a solidly black ear is actually a bit of machinery that Professor Inventor has used to replace his organic material—his legs from the knee down are robotic, as well!

     He has no “super powers”in the conventional sense, save for his incredible mind. He uses his intelligence to design dastardly weapons and inventions used to carry out his evil schemes, coupled with an army of obedient robots. This, along with his contempt for morality and justice in general, makes him incredibly dangerous; as such, he is SDHX’s arch-nemesis!

     When playing as Professor Inventor, Miles usually wears a dark overcoat and mauve scarf. He’ll use objects around him to simulate the weapons that the Professor might wield against SDHX—but he’ll never use anything potentially dangerous. Additionally, the only time you’ll ever see Miles threaten Pudding is when they’re playing pretend!





Story Thus Far



Miles is first seen barging into “Amanda’s” room to see what all the noise she’s making is about. Amanda immediately requests that Miles call her Pudding, which he is initially reluctant to do, but does anyway. He then grounds Pudding for shouting at him.

Speedy knocks on the front door some time later, and Miles allows him in. Speedy introduces himself, and then invites Pudding to go play. Miles won’t allow it, as he’s grounded her, but agrees to let Pudding play on one condition; Speedy must fight him. Miles is wearing an invention called Knockback Gloves, a weapon that has not yet been tested in battle.

Speedy gives a half-hearted punch, as yet unwilling to hurt Miles, but Miles is not satisfied. Miles punches Speedy in the face, and then chases him across the house. He loses him briefly, and is then promptly knocked out by a lamp that Speedy pushes on him. When he comes to, Speedy and Pudding are going back to Speedy’s house, leaving Miles very confused.


  • Mile’s goggle design was not yet finished, and it swapped back and forth frequently between panels. Did you notice?



    Miles is testing a new robot on Hatchet, an annoying neighbour, so Pudding can come outside. Hatchet stupidly climbs a tall tree in an effort to crush the robot, and whilst Speedy tries to stop him, Miles shows his sadistic side and insists that Speedy let him do it. He then chastises Hatchet for dying.

He  tells Speedy that he’s up next, and he allows Pudding to come outside. He hopes quietly that Speedy will die too, but this is a fruitless wish, as Speedy almost immediately causes the robot to explode.

He then tells Speedy in no uncertain terms how much he dislikes him.



Miles appears briefly in this chapter to derail the plot of Pudding’s life; he is going into the city, and as such tells Pudding that she cannot have a sleepover with Frisky. He tells her to send her friends home.

After a small argument, Miles reveals that he has a friend of his coming over to care for Pudding while he’s gone.

He introduces Audrey, and then after being assured that Audrey can care for Pudding, he leaves. He is briefly held up by Speedy, whom he warns to stay away from Pudding; naturally, Speedy takes this as an invitation to go and see if she's all right.



Miles appears briefly in this chapter, telling Speedy where Pudding is so they can talk. However, exactly what he says (other than “She’s in her room”) is left up to speculation, as Speedy isn’t really listening and therefore the reader is left out of the loop.



Miles appears only briefly, once again, this time answering the door when Clone comes to pick up Pudding for the party. He rudely claims that Pudding is dead in an effort to chase Clone away, but Pudding spoils the ruse by appearing right behind him within the same moment. Miles is then forced to allow Pudding to leave with him, although he looks thoroughly upset about it.