Captain Loofy


     Captain Loofy is a greedy scoundrel whose hunger for meat is only outweighed by his lust for gold. He is not above antagonizing or taking advantage of children in order to slake that thirst - as we’ve seen! Business and profit come before all else. A pirate’s life is definitely the life for him, in other words.

     He has yet to show a positive side to his personality - he only acts if he stands to gain something from said action, and is bloodthirsty, callous, and cruel. Anything that is not a Mobian may as well have a sign reading “Dinner” around its neck, because Loofy can and will try to consume it. Loofy’s ship is manned by his loyal crew - himself. He doesn’t trust anyone else enough to board, usually, unless they have a large amount of money to tempt him with.

     Maybe we’ll be seeing some more of him in the future...


     Captain Loofy is a grizzled pirate with many battle scars from defending his ill-gotten loot. He has patchy, unkempt fur in a deep shade of blood red, tinged in spots with grey from age. He’s most often seen in a dark pirate coat, boots, and a tricorn hat with a skull and crossbones. He has huge, bristly grey eyebrows and a scraggly grey beard. His teeth are very pointy, and he appears to be missing a few.


General Information

Gender Male
Age Adult
Species Mobian
ID Number 013
Economic Class Pirate
Created by James N.