Hurricane is a calm and level-headed kind of guy. While he does have a sense of good fun and likes to go adventuring with his friends, he also likes to stop and think things through before he acts, which no one else seems to do. He gives out advice liberally, even when he isn’t asked, and everyone seems to respect his input and opinions without question. He doesn’t like drama - he’ll avoid interfering in fights or getting in between two quarrelling friends in the interest of maintaining peace for himself. Other people’s conflicts aren’t any of his business, in his opinion. He’s extremely loyal and trusting, and the most physically fit of all of them. He has tremendous upper-body strength. He runs out of breath quickly when running, however.

     Hurricane does have a bit of a temper on him, and this combined with his prodigious strength can naturally make for some pretty dangerous arguments when he’s pushed too far. Because he’s so logical and prone to thinking through all possible options, he can have a bit of a superiority complex that gets on everyone’s nerves. When it comes to the shouting matches that inevitably follow, Hurricane doesn’t hold back and will lash out with surprising aggressiveness. Despite all this, he can be very gullible and it’s easy to get him to do what you want.

     Secretly, Hurricane is afraid of heights.


     Hurricane is very distinctive looking - for one thing, he’s bright green. He’s also the tallest amongst his friends and has very large, spiky fists which come in handy in the occasional brawl. He has a white ring around his neck, white hands, and wears red shoes.


General Information

Gender Male
Age Child
Species Mobian
ID Number 007
Economic Class Poor
Created by Theo T.



Hurricane likes how energetic and kind Speedy is, but he doesn’t always have the patience to deal with him. Speedy makes Hurricane angry faster than anyone else, but despite this they get along pretty darn well.


Fade and Hurricane get along best of all, because Hurricane really appreciates Fade’s constant attempts to cheer him up. He likes how Fade doesn’t pretend to be smarter than he is, and so he can put up with his cheerful ignorance without getting annoyed for a fairly long time.




Story Thus Far



Hurricane unintentionally sneaks up on the rest of the cast as they explore the woods, scaring them senseless and resulting in Fade smashing him over the head with a branch. He blacks out, and later wakes up in Pudding’s house, disoriented and in pain.

Pudding asks his name, and he introduces himself and asks where he is. When Pudding explains and Fade reveals that he clubbed him over the head, Hurricane claims that this explains his headache, which Speedy promptly rebuffs; it is more likely that the headache resulted from them kicking him to wake him up.



Hurricane goes with Fade and Gell to Speedy’s to pick him up for the party, and asks if Speedy is all right, as he’s been inside all week. He and the others manage to convince Speedy to go, despite his obvious depression. He also explains to everyone that Frisky lives in a castle as they arrive, and tells Speedy that the light display outside was in fact a fireworks display.

He cheerfully greets Clone when Pudding introduces him to everyone, and looks politely puzzled when Frisky tries to introduce Fade in the same manner.

He is last seen in this chapter listening as Clone presumably tells a story to a group of people, including Hurricane himself.