Hatchet was the little jerk-next-door who had (has?) a huge crush on young Pudding. His affection borders on obsession, and as such Pudding considers his advances unwelcome and frankly, creepy. Despite the crush he has on her, he’s quite mean to Pudding. He’s obnoxious, determined, and self-assured, leading him to challenge Miles’ robots in an effort to win his sister’s heart. This in turn lead to his, er, “tragic” death, so he bears a pretty strong grudge against Miles.

     Maybe we’ll be seeing some more of him in the future...


     Hatchet has an unpleasant, disagreeable appearance due to his constant scowl and unkempt, dark green hair. His body is a lighter green with white patches on his stomach, face, and hands, and his feet are the same shade as his hair. In his ghostly form he has empty yellow eyes and a long, squiggly ghost tail.


General Information

Gender Male
Age Child
Species Mobian Ghost
ID Number 005
Economic Class Dead
Created by James N.


Story Thus Far


     Hatchet is fighting one of Miles’ new robots, in order to free Pudding from being confined to her bedroom. He very clearly has a crush on her and is very possessive, despite her not reciprocating the feelings at all. He climbs a tall tree in an effort to crush the robot from above.

     Speedy attempts to warn him that he will die on impact, but Miles insists that he do it anyway.

     Hatchet does it, and as Speedy predicted, he immediately dies and returns as a ghost. Hatchet then leaves, aggravated.



  • Hatchet only appears in this chapter, and only for four pages. He may appear again, however!
  • Hatchet has no redeeming qualities.