Goo tends to keep to herself, so nobody really knows her that well - the exceptions being Gell and Frisky, of course. She’s quiet, honest, and polite, and never had a bad word to say about anybody, especially since she only recently gained the ability to speak. She is an accomplished gardener and likes to grow and cook her own food. People often wonder how Goo managed to plant, maintain, and cook up all of the food before she had any hands, but she doesn’t like to reveal her secrets.

     Goo used to be pretty fond of taking advantage of her friends by making them carry her around - it was just so much easier than having to hop or roll everywhere! That said, she also had a bit of a jealous streak, and was fiercely envious of some people - for example, Gell’s ability to speak before her, Frisky’s amazing figure, etc. Now that she has a body and voice of her own, she’s a little less envious but still maintains her slightly crafty nature and can find ways to worm out of doing things she doesn’t want to do.

     Goo is also very blunt, with a mastery of sarcasm and dry humour. She doesn't always realise when she's being painfully obvious--particularly when it comes to her attraction to a certain someone.


     Goo appears very similar to Gell, only in a dark royal blue shade. She’s made of some sort of liquid material that can both hold its shape and melt down into a viscous mass at will. She likes to wear a yellow flower on her head to help indicate that she’s a girl.


General Information

Gender Female
Age Child (?)
Species ???
ID Number 009
Economic Class Upper Middle
Created by Not Sure



Because they’re the same species, they’ve always been tightly knit friends. Goo used to be very jealous of Gell’s ability to speak (just the one word, “sticky”), but now that jealousy is gone and they’re closer than ever. They can relate to one another more closely than any other friends.


Goo used to be somewhat of a pet to Frisky, which got on her nerves even though they’re best friends. Goo thinks Frisky’s fashion sense is just to die for, and now that she has a figure of her own might be asking Frisky to take her shopping at some point...


HE’S JUST SO CUTE-       Er, Goo find Zeda to be… sort of attractive (as if that wasn’t an understatement). She was instantly enamoured with him when she met him at Frisky’s castle, and isn’t at all shy about showing him just how cute she thinks he is.  She shows her affection by clinging to him, subtly trying to move closer, and rubbing her face on him whilst purring rather loudly.




Story Thus Far



Goo briefly appears in this chapter, but does not do anything.


  • This chapter is the first time that we see Goo, but her first dialogue is not until page 131.



Goo is seen very briefly playing Twister with Gell at the party. Of the two of them, she appears to be the only one who is not aware that it is physically impossible for them to play this game.