Gell is creature from a (currently!) unknown species. From what is known about this species, we can tell that Gell is made of some sort of amorphous liquid-like material, allowing her to change shape and chemical format at will. In her original gum-drop form, she was incapable of speech (apart from the occasional exclamation of “Sticky!”), and her movement was limited to hops and being carried by others. Now that she has been somehow changed into an anthropomorphic figure, she can finally speak and move on her own. In her exploration of these new skills, she’s discovered that she can speak more quickly than any of her friends, leading to the occasional misunderstanding or secret let slip.

     Gell is friendly and happy, with a sharp wit and a wonderful grasp of sarcasm. She is comfortable following the lead of her friends, but equally at home being a leader herself if the situation calls for it. Though she doesn’t let it show often, when she dislikes someone, she can be shockingly cold and calculating.

     Despite her lack of facial features, she is incredibly expressive.


     As stated above, Gell is made of some sort of bubble-gum pink liquid material, which seems to be able to hold its shape or melt into a puddle at her will. She has no distinctive body or facial features except her eyes and differentiated limbs. She likes wearing a little red ribbon on her head, though it appears she’s dispensed with it now that she has a more “normal” body.


General Information

Gender Female
Age Child (?)
Species ???
ID Number 002
Economic Class Middle
Created by Turp



Pudding and Gell are best friends, and have perhaps been friends for longest amongst the established group. Gell really loved Pudding’s attempts to treat her like everyone else while she was in her original form, and now that she too can speak her mind their friendship continues to be very strong. Gell has perhaps more patience for Pudding than anyone else.


Everyone deserves chance to be with Fade! And by everyone, Gell really means herself alone. Not Frisky. She has a huge crush on Fade despite his obliviousness and tends to get overexcited or lose her head around him, even through her efforts to remain calm and cool.


“Hate” is a strong word, but here it works perfectly. Gell has absolutely no tolerance for Frisky on a good day - her frivolous lifestyle and temper tantrums get on Gell’s last nerve. Ever since she discovered that Frisky has somehow managed to lure Fade into her life, her patience has been stretched to the absolute limit. Any interaction Gell has with Frisky is reluctant and borne with distaste, none too gracefully! Frisky is unaware of Gell’s feelings about her, and considers her one of her best friends.


Gell is fairly neutral toward Speedy - he isn’t her best friend, but she appreciates him and doesn’t resent his taking a leadership role in their group. Gell has also long been aware of Speedy’s feelings for Pudding, and sometimes wonders how it took everyone else so long to see them.


Gell and Goo being the same species has made for a pretty fast friendship - they’ve always understood one another very well, and have a sense of togetherness that everybody else can’t quite compete with. Now that they both finally have the ability to speak, they’re closer than ever!




Story Thus Far



In Pudding’s room, Gell discovers with her that there is a new neighbour living by Pudding’s house. Gell is then unceremoniously tossed out the window to go investigate, and throws herself against the neighbour’s door (in lieu of knocking) and meets Speedy.

As Gell can only say “Sticky!” she still somehow manages to convey to Speedy that he should go to the neighbouring house’s window and meet Pudding.

Though Gell does not have any other interactions in this chapter, she still appears often, observing (although not interfering with) the chapter’s events.

She later goes to Speedy’s house with Pudding to play video games.


  • Gell appears on every single page of this chapter, making her the most frequent recurring character up to this point.



Gell enters the chapter riding on Fade’s head, clearly extremely happy and very enamoured with him. She explores the forest behind Pudding’s house with Pudding, Speedy, and Fade, and is severely scared by Hurricane when he appears.

Later, at Pudding’s house, Fade squishes her as he excitedly tells Hurricane that he hit him over the head. Gell seems completely fine with this.



Gell briefly appears in this chapter, but does not do anything.



    Gell is amongst friends who convince Speedy to come to the party with them, and she rides on Fade’s head to get there. She is seen looking furious when Frisky introduces Fade as her boyfriend, and playing Twister with Goo as the party goes on--her expression suggesting that she alone has realised that the two of them have no limbs, and therefore cannot play Twister.