Frisky is a social butterfly and a hardcore flirt. She’s very extroverted and loves to make new friends or spend time with her old ones. She absolutely adores hosting lavish parties, buying new clothes, and indulging in extravagant food to further her social status and maintain her image. In her opinion, drama and romance are the most interesting topics of conversation, and she can spend hours poking through magazines or gossiping away with her friends about them. She’s not as into the adventurous lifestyle as all her friends seem to be, but she’s more than happy to tag along or help them out in any way they need - including financially.

     Since Frisky comes from ridiculously wealthy parents, she has become extremely spoiled. She doesn’t like being told “no” and her lifestyle lends to her being fairly shallow. Her friends sometimes worry that her tendency to flirt with every breathing male she finds suggests disloyalty to Fade. When she gets angry she takes her tantrums to the next level, screaming and biting until she finally gets her way. Her insistence on gossiping about every new development in her life causes her friends to be wary of trusting her with secrets.

     Frisky lives in an enormous castle, which is handy considering the number of parties and events she likes to host.


     Frisky is a pretty little cream-coloured Mobian with long, light brown hair—usually in a ponytail as of late—and a white tip on her tail. Her outfits usually consist of varying shades of lavender, pink, and white, and are often very expensive and fashionable. To Frisky, appearance is everything. Lately, she’s taken to wearing a yellow belt (to cinch her waist and show off her figure, of course!) and a spotted scarf. Her taste in clothes changes about as frequently as her mood!


General Information

Gender Female
Age Child
Species Mobian
ID Number 008
Economic Class Obscenely Wealthy
Created by Tiffany C.



Frisky’s boyfriend. She’s very attached to him and loves that he doesn’t mind her attention-seeking. Despite her own flirty, flashy style, she is very jealous and doesn’t like other girls getting too close to him.


Pudding is Frisky’s best friend, and she adores prying into her social life. Because of Frisky’s addiction to drama, she often lives vicariously through Pudding - who seems to attract almost as much conflict as the heroine of a webcomic would...


Frisky and Goo have been friends for years - Frisky used to treat her somewhat like a pet, but since Goo’s transformation they’ve begun interacting more like regular friends. They rarely go anywhere without one another.


Zeda was one of the first friends Frisky ever made, back when they were both very small. She finds him extremely interesting, and is always eager to have him over when he’s in town so he can tell her all about his adventures. He also usually brings presents with him, which she just loves. He knows exactly what to bring to put a smile on her face! 




Story Thus Far



Frisky appears for the first time in this chapter, at a slumber party and Pudding’s house. She is extolling the virtue of a boy she met at school, claiming that Pudding would love him. She states that Pudding doesn’t meet boys without her help.

Pudding explains that she’s recently made a bunch of new male friends, and Frisky is extremely interested and wants to know all the details. However, Miles interrupts and says that Pudding cannot have a sleepover, because he is leaving. Frisky, apparently uncomfortable with Pudding and Miles arguing, picks up Gell and Goo and leaves.


  • The boy Frisky is talking about is in fact Clone.
  • Though it hasn’t been important in the comic so far (and is therefore not mentioned,) school is entirely optional. As all schools are located in Mobius City, usually only those who live nearby (like Frisky and Clone) attend.  



Frisky naturally appears in this chapter, starting in Pudding’s room where she is critiquing Pudding’s chosen dress for the party. She also discusses Clone, who picked out the dress for Pudding, and her own mystery boyfriend, who she refuses to say anything about as she wants meeting him to be a total surprise.

Pudding suggests she go home to finish setting up for the party, and she evidently does so, as she is not seen again until the event begins.

She sets up a fireworks display to greet the guests as they approach her massive castle home, and is seen inside with Pudding and Clone, telling them that everyone else has arrived. After Pudding introduces Clone, Frisky attempts a big, long-awaited reveal of her own boyfriend—only for everyone to find out that it is just Fade, whom everyone already knows. Disappointed, Frisky asks Fade why he did not mention knowing everyone already—he merely shrugs in response.

She is later seen dragging a content Fade around the party as he eats strawberry cake.