Fade is a complete idiot, but a loveable one. He is friendly and cheerful all the time. Some of his friends maintain that Fade doesn’t know how to be sad: he is immune to bad moods and anger. Occasionally, he says some surprisingly thoughtful things, but it’s almost never intentional and he usually doesn’t realize how impressive it is. He tends not to make a habit out of it. He is constantly in motion and seems to exude an aura of pure energy at all times. His sheer agreeableness and pleasant smile usually lead him to be good friends with everyone he meets, though sometimes his stupidity can put them in some pretty tight situations.

     On the other hand, he usually does not understand any criticism that is thrown at him and can be oblivious to when he gets on peoples’ nerves. He doesn’t realize that people get annoyed by him and subconsciously believes that everyone is just as blindly happy as he is. He is the living embodiment of the phrase “ignorance is bliss”. Since he has no perception of others’ emotions, he can be insensitive to hurting peoples’ feelings and one shouldn’t expect an apology from him - after all, in his mind, he’s done nothing wrong.

     Fade apparently comes from very poor parents, but of course that’s never bothered him one bit.


     Fade is a charcoal-grey Mobian child with a white section on his middle. His mouth is a light tan colour, and he wears distinctive purple shoes and a perpetual smile.


General Information

Gender Male
Age Child
Species Mobian
ID Number 006
Economic Class Poor
Created by Skyler B. T.



Speedy is Fade’s best friend and Fade thinks he’s an absolute genius. He respects Speedy’s authority and happily goes along with anything he says. Fade likes to feel helpful and goes out of his way to try to assist him, but this usually ends up going one of two ways: 1) he makes the situation a hundred times worse, or 2) he somehow manages, by some incredible luck, to do something very intelligent and insightful. Fade’s blindness to others’ emotions can sometimes prevent him from seeing when Speedy is getting angry or upset, which can be annoying for the latter.


Frisky is Fade’s girlfriend, and he thinks she’s just the cutest! He doesn’t mind (or notice) her excessively flirtatious nature, and his affectionate, clingy attitude toward her lends itself to tons of cuddling. He doesn’t quite know what the label “girlfriend” means, but doesn’t particularly care, either - he just wants to spend time with her.


Gell and Fade get along amazingly well, and he loves how easily excited she is. He doesn’t seem to notice her obvious crush on him, and can rarely keep up with the things she says due to how quickly she speaks. It doesn’t bother him, though. He enjoys her company.




Story Thus Far



Fade is introduced by Gell, who is comfortably and happily riding on his head. He cheerfully greets everyone, and happily follows them as they explore the woods behind Pudding’s house. He seems perfectly happy to carry Gell around.

Fade alone does not panic when Pudding discovers that someone is following them. He does not hide behind the bush with everyone else, and instead searches for a large branch to use as a weapon. He hits Hurricane over the back of the head with this branch, knocking him out.

He is excited when Hurricane wakes up in Pudding’s house, and eagerly reveals that he was the one who hit him over the head.



Fade’s first appearance in this chapter is when he joyfully tries to convince an unwilling Speedy to join himself, Gell, and Hurricane in going to Frisky’s party. Though Speedy really doesn’t want to, Fade’s enthusiasm overwhelms him and he consents to go.

Gell rides on Fade’s head on the way to the party.

Frisky introduces Fade as her boyfriend, expecting a huge reaction; Fade, however, merely greets his friends normally, as everyone present already knows him. Frisky is slightly disappointed, but when asked why he did not mention knowing everyone already, Fade just shrugs. He allows Frisky to steer him through the party without a care in the world, munching on cake as he does so.

He is last seen obliviously asking a clearly moody Speedy if he is having as much fun as Fade himself is.