The Demon


     Summoned by Audrey accidentally at the top of Time Mountain, the Demon was a malevolent, glowing green behemoth with supernatural powers. We don’t yet know where it came from or why… but haven’t we seen that language somewhere before?

     The Demon has already exhibited phenomenal cosmic power, including shapeshifting and casting of destructive magic. It shapeshifted into Pudding in an attempt to fool her friends by taking her place - as Audrey pointed out, it has incredible power but is not necessarily that intelligent. It’s possible that it has ties to the ancient history of Mobian.

     Maybe we’ll be seeing more of it in the future...


     The demon has four glaring green eyes and a large, gaping mouth, along with at least four long glowing tendrils for “limbs”. Little about its anatomy is known, but the tendrils appear to be both extendable and extremely flexible. Since it is capable of shapeshifting, it has the potential to look like anything and anyone - who knows if the form we saw is its true form?! (It probably is).

     Its mouth appears to contain the cosmos themselves, and it emits an eery green glow - haven’t we seen it somewhere else?


General Information

Species Demon
Created by Skyler B. T.