Yep, Danny’s a ghost. He’s a pretty enigmatic fellow, though, preferring to keep to himself and staying quiet. Being dead will do that to you. That being said, he’s sweet and doesn’t like to be the center of attention, but does like to be near it. He’s happiest when he gets to spend time with Audrey and her friends on one of their crazy adventures, although sometimes his misgivings and fretting for Audrey’s safety hinder the fun that might have been had. When separated from her, he can occasionally become moody and morbid; lending himself to periods of depression.

     The strain of being drawn from the beyond back into the physical world of the living sometimes takes a heavy toll on Danny, but he tries to remain in good spirits (no pun intended).


     Danny is a tall, see-through Mobian. Though he lacks colour or too many physical features, friends have noted that coming into contact with his ethereal being feels like a constant cool, tingly static shock. Interesting!


General Information

Gender Male
Age Adolescent
Species Mobian Ghost
ID Number 011
Economic Class Dead
Created by A



Audrey is Danny’s girlfriend. She’s weird, macabre, and sometimes socially inept, and he loves her to death… or to life? Audrey was the one who summoned Danny, and as such he’s pretty attached to her. He was pretty psyched to be contacted by such a cute girl! They make a really harmonious couple.




Story Thus Far



Danny is summoned in this chapter by Audrey during her first successful seance. He seems rather indifferent to having been summoned, and introduces himself unabashedly as a ghost. Audrey is extremely excited to see him, and the two begin flirting almost immediately.

Danny asks Audrey if she’d like to go out sometime, and she accepts.