Clone is a sweet little thing who loves to be helpful. His kind nature and desire to be liked by everyone leads him to be a gentle, adorable friend who tends to win your heart pretty quickly. He’s happiest when he’s around Pudding, his girlfriend, but loves spending time with everyone else almost as much. He never takes his friends for granted, and is careful to remember just how lucky he is as much as he can. He wants to prove that he’ll always be there for them (particularly Pudding), no matter how many obstacles he must overcome to do so.

     He does have some trouble fitting his emotions and thoughts into words, which can occasionally get him into trouble. He acts slightly over-aggressive despite how cute and kind he normally is, and does not always have the courage or the strength to back up his words. He prefers to rely on outsmarting his opponents rather than physically fighting. Beneath this front of “brains over brawn”, Clone is secretly self-aware, frightened, and insecure. He is constantly afraid that all of his friends will turn on him before he can say “Stop!”


     Clone is a cute little Mobian with dark grey fur, and a white coloured mouth. He is most fond of wearing a long sleeve red shirt with black tiger-like stripes, blue jeans, and red shoes. He’s a little shorter than most of the friends.


General Information

Gender Male
Age Child
Species Mobian
ID Number 012
Economic Class Lower Middle
Created by A and Turp



Pudding is his girlfriend, and he’ll do anything he can to prove that his love for her has no bounds. He’s always afraid that she’ll leave him for someone else, but her gentleness and calm way of dealing with these fears soothes him and reminds him that they’re perfect together. He strives to protect her, physically and emotionally, from everyone.


Speedy and Clone do not get along well when Pudding’s around. Otherwise though, they’re able to put that behind them! Clone is aware of Speedy’s feelings for Pudding, and as such he sees him as just another competitor who must be overthrown.


Clone knows that getting on Miles’ good side is the key to keeping Pudding on his arm, but he’s pretty wary of the older brother. The sadistic nature and scary grin make Clone think that Miles’ jokes about letting his robots destroy Pudding’s friends might be a little more than jokes… Whenever he sees Miles, Clone is instantly on edge and ready for whatever might happen. He hopes that one day he’ll have the courage to stand up to him.




Story Thus Far



This chapter marks Clone’s first appearance, where he is introduced as Pudding’s new boyfriend. He has evidently fought at least one, and probably more, of Miles’ robots in order to gain the right to see Pudding. Immediately after his introduction, he is assaulted by Speedy and falls to the ground in shock.

After Speedy leaves, Clone tells Pudding that he does not like him.



    Clone comes to pick up Pudding for Frisky’s party, but the door is opened by Miles, who tells him that Pudding is dead and he should leave. Pudding arrives just in time to greet Clone, who quickly blushes tells her that she looks pretty.

He is later introduced to the group at large by Pudding, and greets everyone but Speedy cheerfully. Even though Speedy apologises for punching him, Clone still looks wary.

He follows Pudding out onto the balcony where she is talking to Speedy, interrupting and asking if anything is going on. When Pudding assures him that nothing is, Speedy gets angry and storms back inside.

  Pudding then confides in Clone that Speedy likes her, which makes Clone himself nervous. He bombards her with questions, asking if she likes him and his dating himself, Clone, to make Speedy jealous—all fears which she quickly dispels.

Clone asks if he can kiss Pudding, and before he can she agrees and kisses him first.