Chia is a sweet little thing who likes making new friends and strives to be liked by everyone. She enjoys ribbons, cute dresses, and… the sound of breaking glass. She also has a high pain tolerance - she’s tougher than she looks!

     Chia sometimes is guilty of jumping to conclusion, and her eagerness to go the right thing can lead her to do some rash things (for example, slapping Speedy around the face). She has a strong sense of justice but a misguided way of achieving it. Even so, she’s sweet, cheerful, and generally kind, and that makes her a wonderful friend to everyone. Even Miles, it seems, has a soft spot for her.

     She cannot cook well, but intends to learn. Little else is known about her.


     Chia is a cream coloured Mobian with light brown hair and white patches on her tail, face, and hands. She has a very distinct sense of fashion and likes to wear swishy skirts and bows. She is fairly short.


General Information

Gender Female
Age Adolescent
Species Mobian
ID Number 015
Economic Class Middle
Created by Turp. and Skyler B. T.



Chia likes Miles very much, and wants desperately to get on his good side. She finds him fascinating, and his gruff nature and cold-shoulder attitude only increase her determination to her him to like her. The goggles he wears are pretty cute, too.


Audrey is the one who introduced Chia to Miles, so one can assume that they are at least acquaintances if not friends. Audrey seemed fairly annoyed at Miles’ ill treatment of Chia, so they’re probably at least a little bit close.



     Althea is Chia’s newly created villain alter-ego, which she dreamt up so she could play with Pudding and Miles! With the baseline of “an acrobatic thief,”Althea was born from Chia’s imagination to aid Professor Inventor in plotting evil schemes and fighting Super Duper Hero X.

     As she's a relatively new addition to their game, they don’t know much about her yet. She is a very light colour Mobian with black hair (in a similar cut to Chia’s!) and gold barrettes. She wears a flared brown vest with a yellow brooch, and white shorts. Long white gloves, a white bow, and a mask over her eyes complete her outfit.

    Althea is as flexible as Chia is, which makes her a considerable acrobat—which must come in handy when she’s picking locks and squeezing between security sensors. She appears to have little to no spin on her moral compass—that is to say, she doesn't take kindly to people who have opposite views to hers, which, incidentally, are inexorably skewed toward evil. She seems to have a liking for fighting, and may be skilled in martial arts.

     Finally, Althea referred to Super Duper Hero X as “mortal,”implying that she herself may not be!

    When playing as Althea, Chia has only ever been seen borrowing Miles’spare lab coat and goggles—as Pudding said, they were working with what they had to hand.