Audrey is a strange one, that’s for sure. With her trademark macabre sense of fashion, humour, and lifestyle, Audrey has a real thirst for knowledge regarding all things supernatural. Whether it’s summoning ghosts via ancient rituals or searching for wayward demons, she’s always ready and raring to go with a spell tome in one hand and a great deal of excitement. Her vast expanse of encyclopedic knowledge on the paranormal realm is matched only by her sense of adventure. Her research and pursuit of further discovery leaves her very likely to say “What could go wrong?” before plunging into dangerous situations. She prefers a very hands-on method of experimentation and has a certain disregard for her own bodily safety when she gets going. Audrey spends a lot of time meditating, opening up the channels of her mind to be more receptive to magic, spiritual wellness, and all things strange and unusual - for she herself is strange and unusual.

     On the other hand, Audrey can be a bit creepy to talk to given her sheer passion for ghosts, curses, and death. She can be condescending and dismissive of people she considers less intelligent than herself - because of this, she tends to have few friends but a counter-intuitively large ego. Anyone who doesn’t share her interest is, in her opinion, not worth her time. Due to her busy schedule of seances, exorcisms, and ancient burial ground explorations, Audrey can be a bit scatterbrained and sometimes forgets to take care of herself in regards to hygiene. Despite this, she thinks rather highly of her own appearance.


     Audrey is an orange adolescent Mobian with very long hair and three yellow dots on her forehead. Since she is older than most of the cast, she’s considered fairly tall. She is rarely seen without her skull-barrette hat and her green crystal necklace - although that has recently gone missing. She often carries a brown satchel with her, to hold all of her supernatural paraphernalia.


General Information

Gender Female
Age Adolescent
Species Mobian
ID Number 010
Economic Class Middle
Created by A



Audrey is somewhat of a big sister figure to Pudding, with the latter idolising the former. Pudding really respects Audrey’s array of life experience, and thinks her fashion sense is unique and awesome. Audrey thinks Pudding’s interest is cute, and enjoys having her follow her around and participate in her crazy schemes.


Danny is Audrey’s boyfriend, whom she is totally obsessed with - partly due to the fact that he’s a ghost. Their relationship is a difficult one, since it spans the barriers of life and death, but they make it work. Since dating Danny, Audrey has discovered that she does indeed have a ‘type’ - tall, dark, and see-through. Good thing Audrey doesn’t know any other ghosts, or Danny would have some “stiff” competition. (Get it? Because stiff is a colloquial term for corpse? Dead people? Haha?)


Miles and Audrey get along pretty well, since they have a lot to learn from one another and aren’t intimidated by each other’s incredible intellect. Audrey thinks Miles is a huge nerd for tinkering with his machines all the time, but she accepts it. Not everyone can be as normal as she is, you know.




Story Thus Far



This chapter is Audrey’s first appearance, and she shows up to do a favour for Miles by watching Pudding while he heads to the city. She is at first not well-liked by Pudding, who considers her to be patronising, leading Audrey to suggest doing a magic trick for her (however, she doesn’t actually know any).

Instead, she offers to perform a séance, and this catches Pudding’s attention. Audrey draws a chalk pentagram on the floor, and Pudding fetches her a bunch of candles. Audrey then explains the séance procedure; they must hold hands in a circle, light the candles, and hope to summon a ghost.

Pudding is excited by the prospect, but suddenly, a crash echoes through Pudding’s house. Audrey goes to investigate and discovers Speedy, who has broken into the house to “rescue” Pudding. Audrey accepts Speedy immediately and takes him to Pudding, who is frightened initially. When she realises the person who has broken into her house is Speedy, she calms down.

Audrey begins the séance with her two audience members, and reads a strange language from an ancient book. Her eyes begin to glow, as does her necklace, which floats in front of her. The candles are extinguished, and suddenly Danny the ghost appears, having been summoned from the afterlife.

Audrey is beside herself with excitement, as this is her first successful séance. She describes Danny as “so transparent and cool,” and says that she could look at him forever. Danny asks Audrey to go on a date with him, and she ecstatically agrees, leading Speedy to remark that dating is weird.


  • Audrey is an extremely confident person, which we see when she says “Miles wishes he could make a robot this good looking”. Ironically, Audrey does not really take care of herself regarding hygiene and grooming as often as she should.